Welcome,? Marta!

Welcome,? Marta!

Welcome,? Marta!

Welcome,? Marta!

Welcome,? Marta!

Marta2We are so happy that you chose to team up with the rest of us at MedUniverse and we want to let the world know more about you.

Who are you?

I am a joyful 30-year-old living in Stockholm. I have a passion for tennis!

What did you do before MedUniverse?

I worked for one of the major pharma companies dealing with what we call “market access”. That means that I was responsible for planning and managing cross-functional projects with the aim to enable fast patient access to innovative medicines. Preferably, new medicines should have a better effect than the ones currently available. It was my job to show the added benefit with the new treatment and together with the Swedish pricing authority find the correct price for it. Without approval from the pricing authority, showing that the new medicine is cost-effective, the prescription of it tends to be very low. In order to be successful with this, I had to leverage my strategic thinking and deep competitive analysis.

Why did you decide to join MedUniverse?

I do find digitalization fascinating and I believe digital tools will play a major part in revitalizing physician relationships and the sales process as a whole in parma. I want very much to be at the center of that.

And the team is great, its consist of nice people that I definitely want to spend my days with. A small company can move faster and adapt to changing customer needs. After being used to large oil tanker organizations with fantastic momentum but great challenges with course adjustments I find that very motivating.

What will your role at MedUniverse be?

I will work as a key account manager and build long-lasting relationships with our customers. I love this role as I enjoy working with people, not just colleagues but also customers. Pharma is still my industry and it felt like a good next step for me to still work with pharma organizations as I know a lot of the challenges they are facing.

What do you hope for MedUniverse?

My hope is that we can grow to become a global player in our niche and that the journey will bring with it many new interesting opportunities to learn and develop.

And wouldn’t it be nice if MedUniverse opens an office in California!?