Serving global clients from our HQ in Sweden

Founded in 2009, MedUniverse is committed to working closely with our customers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry to evolve our digital platform to improve Healthcare Professional engagement through the use of patient cases and patient profiles.

Our Team


Ruben De Moor

Subject Matter Expert
Project Manager / Business Development


Ruben is half medical scientist, half physician and half strategy consultant. When he is not busy solving problems at the intersection of life science, business and healthcare, he spends his time worrying about sustainability, holidaying in the army and running obstacle courses. More mud equals more fun!

Adrian Lozano

Tech Lead

Tech & Product

Adrian loves to build stuff, especially if there is some programming involved. He is also a science aficionado and promoter of scientific skepticism. His current challenge is to learn to play the ukulele.

Jordancho Dimidzievski

Quality Assurance Engineer

Tech & Product

The person who always "breaks" the application. Passionate sport lover and retired handball player. Enjoys playing football, tennis and biking. One day, he hopes to visit all the incredible places in the Stockholm archipelago on his bike.

Stefan Aleksikj

Software Developer

Tech & Product (Polar Cape Consultant)

Stefan has as much passion for software development as he has for board games and comics, which is a lot. He strives for bug free code in the first run. In his spare time, Stefan enjoys kick-boxing.

Borche Ivanov

Software Developer

Tech & Product (Polar Cape Consultant)

Software developer, sportsperson, nature lover, weekend warrior. The busy bee who is working all week and still find time to play hard on Saturday and Sunday to make up for all that desk jockeying.

Aleko Markovski

Software Developer

Tech & Product (Polar Cape Consultant)

Aleko loves to create software solutions that makes others life easier but enjoys no less when hardware comes in place to make things spicier. What he finds satisfying is mastering strategies with friends for winning a board/video game or some good pick-up basketball. He is a travel enthusiast so do mention some great place he would not want to miss visiting.