Staff Software Engineer

Are you a tech enthusiast who enjoys solving complex problems and combining Business and Tech? Do you feel thrilled with the perspective of leading projects and building a company from the ground up? Perfect! Because that is exactly what we are looking for!

Who we are:
MedUniverse offers the pharmaceutical industry a digital platform and consultancy services to improve their engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs). MedUniverse has been developed based on several years’ experience of working with the HCP target group and where it was found that patient cases lay the grounds for better and more effective communication between pharma companies on one hand and HCPs on the other. The digital format ensures higher engagement, interaction, and measurable results. This in turn allows for swift updating of messages and educational objectives. The platform is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS).

About the position:

  • What is expected from you?
    As a high-end engineer, your mission is to guide the dev team in Stockholm to step up their digital game. You’ll work together with our organization to create the most optimal solution possible, making sure we meet customer needs, develop the roadmap, and accomplish the goals set out for the team.

  • How much do you influence the decisions about the product development?
    A LOT! We understand that every project should put you closer to your goals. So as a team member at MedUniverse you will be involved in the decision-making for the product, and we will listen to your insights to find the best possible way forward for both you and our solution. You will take part in product planning and help bring to life our visions for the entire solution.

  • What about growth perspectives?
    As a team member at MedUniverse, we don’t just want you to develop a top-tier solution for our company – we want you to help us build something truly special. Your ideas and contributions will be valued, and we’re excited to see what you can bring to the table. We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential and look forward to working together to improve and grow each day.

  • What MedUniverse can bring to the table:
    * Competitive salary
    * Flexible working hours
    * Work computer and expense coverage of mobile
    * Pension allowance
    * Health insurance
    * Wellness allowance
    What we would like you to bring to the table:

What we would like you to bring to the table:

  • Leadership mindset, being able to help team members to grow.
  • Experience in companies from industries such as Finance and Health.
  • As a skilled professional, you know that being able to handle stakeholders and manage issues on your own is crucial.
  • Being able to effortlessly navigate communication, stay organized, and exceed expectations with your projects.
  • An agile mindset, working with ever-changing and updating requirements and deliveries.

What you should know from already from a technical standpoint:

  1. Our backend is .NET (C#) – we’re looking for at least 4-8 years of .NET experience for this position.
  2. Frontend projects are written in Angular (JS/16/17) – we’re looking for comfortable developing in React, Angular OR Vue.
  3. Strong knowledge of working Cloud is required, preferably AWS, and  services such as:

Nice to have: If you don’t have all of them, we still encourage you to apply

  • EC2
  • CloudWatch
  • RDS
  • Secrets Manager
  • ECR
  • S3
  • Security Hub
  • Guard Duty
  • ELB
  • Lambda
  • Strong knowledge in working with GitHub and GitHub Actions
  • Experience in working with products like:
  • Kafka
  • Redis
  • IdentityServer
  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in Data Science or similar

What the process looks like:

  • Social talk: we want to present to you our dreams and goals as a company. We would love to answer your questions and discuss your perspective on the company.
  • Technical Discussion: We would like to know more about your experience and understand how deep your tech knowledge is and how you would fit into the organization.
  • Value interview: we want to understand how we can shape the best position possible for you, bringing the most value to your career.

MedUniverse currently has 15 employees with many years of experience from software and business development within the life sciences sector, both on a local and global level. Today, we have 15 of the largest pharma companies as customers and our SaaS platform is being used in the more than 30 markets. We offer a flexible working environment mixing both virtual and “irl” set ups. Sounds interesting? Do not hesitate to apply!

Send your CV/LinkedIn profile to our CTO Olof Wallentinsson; and let us start the discussion!