Patient Case Studies from the MedUniverse Platform embedded in an iframe in external websites

There are some considerations that need to be made when embedding a MedUniverse patient case study in an iframe in external websites: 

• The overall layout of the MedUniverse patient case study; for example, there is a left navigational menu allowing users to navigate between case steps in the case study, which needs to be considered in relation to other navigational elements in the external portal. 

• The case study has its own design/CSS, which cannot be modified. This means that the look and the feel of the case study and the surrounding website might be different. 

• MedUniverse patient case studies have dynamic heights, depending on how much content (text, images, and questions) is contained in each case step. Also, the height will grow as HCPs users answers questions and feedback is presented. If a fixed height iframe is used this will mean that users will need to scroll within the iframe. See below for a solution to this issue. 

• MedUniverse patient case studies open internal modal popup dialogs when presenting images and videos. This needs to be considered in the iframe configuration so there will be no issues when presenting this type of content in the popup. 

To support dynamic height iframes, the MedUniverse Individual Case Client implements a JavaScript that can be used by the embedding page to dynamically adapt the height of the iframe, thus making the embedding experience much better.